As the assistance pioneer in China, Allianz Global Assistance celebrates more than a decade of leadership

In 2003 Allianz Global Assistance was the first foreign assistance company to establish itself in China, literally taking the market lead in automotive assistance at the same time. Ten years later, the company is number one in China in travel insurance and automotive and medical assistance.  

China is the second largest economy in the world. A strong middle class has emerged with new needs and demands. There are now 125 million car owers in the country, making China the largest automobile market in the world. In addition, the percentage of Chinese citizens that travel abroad increases steadily every year by 20%.

This socio-economic evolution comes with a growing appetite for all kinds of new services.  After having built an automotive partner network from virtually nothing, and provided the first ever automotive assistance services, Allianz Global Assistance in now developing travel insurance and medical assistance services in China to help new consumers in their daily lives. 

Today Allianz Global Assistance helps more than 13 million Chinese in more than 1,130 cities, and works with more than 8,000 partners across the country. The subsidiary counts among its clients some of the largest automobile manufacturers (Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo), airline companies (Hainan Airlines) and financial institutions (China Pacific Insurance Group, Ping An). 

Since its first year of operations, the Chinese subsidiary has posted continuous growth (+23.9% in 2013), driven by the automotive business. Today it continues to be a major engine of growth for the Group’s activity in the Asia Pacific region. With a staff of more than 600 multi-lingual professionals, the Group is present in 7 major Chinese cities : Beijing, Shangai, Chengdu, Qingdao, Dalian, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

« Geographic expansion has long been one of our areas of growth and we very quickly set our sights on China, where there are numerous and complex opportunities. The challenge has been cultural, economic and logistical. We succeeded in building a solid partner network that allows us to respond to the specific demands of a country undergoing tremendous change, » says Rémi Grenier, CEO of Allianz Global Assistance. « China remains a regional champion with a 2013 growth rate hovering at +25%. This entity greatly contributes to our growth in the Asia Pacific region, which today represents 16% of our global turnover and should attain 20% by 2015. »

In order to maintain its leadership position in the Chinese market, Allianz Global Assistance works ceaselessly to accelerate its response time and meet exponential demand. It opened a second assistance platform in Chendgu’s Tianfu technology park in the Sichuan province with the aim to continuously and efficiently serve and provide more customers with an extensive range of products and services. This new operations platform provides automotive, medical and travel assistance in Chinese, English and Japanese.

Key dates for Allianz Global Assistance in China 

2003 : Allianz Global Assistance opens its doors in Peking, China and becomes the first foreign automotive assistance company in the country. Its first clients include Porsche and Bentley Asia Pacific. 

2004 : Partnerships are signed with Michelin, Citroën and Rolls Royce.

2005 : Partnerships are signed with Chang’an, Ford and Volvo.

2006 : Travel assistance and CRM (Customer Relations Management) services are launched. Partnership signed with BMW.

2007 : Obtains the title of “China’s Top Employer”. Partnerships are signed with Mercedes Benz and Infiniti, the number one Japanese automotive brand.

2008 : Beginning of partnership with Ping An.

2009 : Wins the « Best Client Services Award » during the 4th edition of China’s Best Customer Service Selection.

2010 : New offices open in Shangai, Peking and Guangzhou, to support company growth.

2011 : Beginning of partnership with China Pacific Insurance Group (CIPIC) 

2012 : Allianz Global Assistance is the first assistance and insurance company in China to receive ISO 90001 certification.  

2013 : Inauguration of the 2nd assistance platform in Chengdu.