For the first time, Spain elects its top 7 natural wonders

In the past few years, Europeans have been vacationing closer to home, enabling them to spend more leisure time with their families and friends. Traveling these shorter distances has given rise to a new activity – the discovery, or rediscovery, of their national heritage, particularly their natural wonders. 

Following this trend in Spain, Allianz Global Assistance invited Spaniards to elect from a selection of 20 natural sites, those that they thought were the most extraordinary. From this emerged a ranking of the top 7 natural wonders of Spain. Once elected, these 7 sites led to the creation of a new tourist route. Dedicated to preserving the natural environment, it opened in July. 

An explorer, selected via Facebook, was lucky enough to inaugurate this unusual route and recount her daily impressions on the Internet site set up exclusively for this purpose. A well-known Spanish photographer accompanied her and captured in images her personal encounters with these exceptional places. In order to share their beauty with as many admirers as possible, Allianz Global Assistance plans to publish a book that will present these 7 natural wonders and also conclude this travel adventure.

More than a collection of postcards, these are invitations from Spaniards themselves to discover a part of their richly diverse natural heritage. Travellers’ rank the sites to visit as follows:

  1. The Rock of Gaztelugatxe (Basque country)
  2. Somiedo Nature Preserve (Asturias)
  3. Cabo de Gata Nature Preserve (Andalusia)
  4. The Médulas (Leon)
  5. Ruidera lagoons Nature Preserve (La Mancha)
  6. Fuente Dé (Liebana)
  7. Cathedrals Beaches (Galicia)