Did you know? This summer, around the world, Allianz Global Assistance helped 1 person every 15 seconds*

The Top 3 interventions worldwide: 

  • The Automobile

 Many vacationers and tourists turn to the automobile as their preferred means of summer transportation. A car ensures both independence and an opportunity for discovery. For example, more than half of all French vacationers use the car during their summer holidays. So, during this period, 568,000 interventions were managed around the globe, and 78,000 vehicles were rented or used, allowing Allianz Global Assistance customers to continue on their way.

Allianz Global Assistance Summer Review - The Automobile

  • Medical Assistance

While holidays are a good time to explore new tastes and flavours and rediscover your love of sports, they are not risk-free. Indeed, food poisoning, injuries and accidents represented more than 40,000 cases worldwide. When embarking on these new experiences it’s best to have good insurance coverage because medical costs vary greatly from country to country: gastroenteritis in St. Domingo can cost 3,010 €; a wounded or sore knee in Greece 3,523 €, and an acute bronchitis in Montreal 25,000€! And if you are in the United States and need to go to the emergency room, costs can escalate to 53,000 €**. 

Allianz Global Assistance Summer Review - Medical Assistance

  • Medical Repatriations

Medical repatriations are rare and very often linked to cases that are much more serious and cannot be treated onsite where the holidaymaker is staying. In total this summer, Allianz Global Assistance staff organised 770 repatriations during the two summer months.  

Allianz Global Assistance Summer Review - Medical Repatriations

*A summary of the Group’s summer activity was compiled in July and August in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, China, Portugal, the US, the Netherlands, Australia, Austria and Switzerland, representing 70% of Group turnover.

**SNSA (National union of assistance companies) – Press Kit – 2013