Mondial Assistance plugs into the future with support for electric vehicle industry development in the UK

Only assistance group to join the SMMT Electric Vehicle Group

The manufacturing of low carbon vehicles is a key concern for the automotive industry and electric vehicles (EV) are seen as the future of motor manufacture, with the UK government setting aside £230million to support the infrastructure and development of usable EV technology. As part of this development initiative, Mondial Assistance is the first assistance group to play an active role in the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) newly formed Electric Vehicle Group (EVG). Bringing its technical and motor industry expertise to the table, Mondial Assistance is putting itself at the forefront of EV development support in the UK.

SMMT is a focal point for the future development of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles in the UK and has established the EVG for the benefit of its members. The main group aims to maximise the opportunity for the UK to be seen as the leading centre of EV technology and to help support the government’s target of 100,000* EV vehicles in use across London as soon as possible. Reporting to the main EVG is the smaller EV Technical Working Groups (EVTWG) covering areas including infrastructure, battery, safety and issues of regulatory compliance, whilst also interfacing with SMMT’s other WGs to ensure a joined-up industry response to the challenges arising. Mondial Assistance is the only assistance group currently working with the EVG, playing an active role in the EV Technical Working Group.

“The EVG offers Mondial an exciting opportunity to raise awareness of our expertise among group members, while playing a key role in the future of the UK’s automotive industry,” explains Lee Taylor, Automotive Director for Mondial Assistance. “MINI E, Mitsubishi i MiEV, smart electric drive and TESLA have all taken advantage of our enthusiasm and ability to adapt in a changing marketplace and we continue to explore how we can develop our range of assistance, warranty and CRM solutions alongside the needs of both manufacturers and motorists.”

Mondial Assistance aims to establish itself as an Electric Vehicle expert, taking advantage of new training opportunities and offering assistance solutions for the charging infrastructure. It sees the advancement of telematics playing a key role in the EV market. Its current market leading position in the assistance and warranty arena puts Mondial in the perfect position to bring its clients a range of solutions designed to help them make the most of the development of the EV market in the UK. Lee Taylor concludes, “By 2020, electric vehicles will be a prominent part of the UK’s roads and motor industry and Mondial Assistance aims to be a key part of that future. This is an exciting period in the development of automotive technology, as Mondial Assistance continues to develop its business offerings to ensure we can meet the future needs of our clients and their customers.”

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