Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan

Mondial Assistance expresses condolences to the people of Japan - all employees safe and sound- Japanese Mondial Assistance unit continues operations to support customers in need.

The earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, with all their immediate and medium-term consequences, are an incommensurable tragedy.

On behalf of all at Mondial Assistance, we want to express our most sincere condolences to the people of Japan at this tragic time.

Our first concern is for the human casualties. There is still very little information about the overall dimension of the catastrophe at this point. We know from our offices in Tokyo that our employees have not been injured. They immediately adapted their organisation to continue working and helping people.

Our activities are coordinated by our International coordination team that is in contact with our operating entities and with our Japanese business unit. We will pursue our monitoring efforts as the situation evolves to make sure that all necessary means will be set in place to continue helping our customers in need.